A Dragon

Suddenly, in my campaign, I needed a dragon. I use them rarely, but now the players would eventually meet one, and even though I doubt they will come to blows with it I felt it necessary to at least have some sort of stats for it. It got me thinking a lot about how stats for a dragon ought to look. For one, they should all be unique, at least I feel that way. They’re magical beasts, the worst adversaries, not common beasts. I did want a standard, red fire-breathing dragon though. An old warrior of his kind, a majestic, proud and greedy creature. This is what I wound up with.


By William McAusland (Outland Arts)


20 HD Ancient Dragon

HP 118; AC 18
Move as unburdened man
Flight is faster, but poor maneuverability

Fort 4; Ref 6; Wil 3
Magic Resistance 50%

2 Claws @ +10 (2D8)
Bite @ +10 (3D8)
Tail @ +5 (2D6, sweep, knockdown)

Fire Breath in 100’x100’ Cone, deals 6D8 Damage (Ref ½), D3 Rounds to recharge, replaces other attacks

Dragon’s Voice, SUGGESTIVE WORDS or POWER WORD: STUN at will.

Dragon’s Gaze, ESP or FEAR at will if gaze is met.

Dragon’s Nose, DETECT MAGIC or DETECT GOLD at will.

Dragon’s Blood, a non-dragon mortal may be bound by a GEAS (if willing).

Dragon’s Ears, 4/6 chance to detect invisible creatures, surprised 1/12.

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