Encounter activity

There are a lot of tables describing the activity of a random encounter out there, some of them really good, but I went ahead and put one of my own together anyway.

I like to have a balance between a reasonable number of different results, some room for me to improvise around the results and also a curve that averages towards more “reasonable” results. A bit boring, but I like how it creates a believable dungeon and it also means the players’ can intuit something about the dungeon and make smart choices based on this.

This one is also weighted to provide a separate result for mindless undead, which is really handy when running the Barrowmaze.

Roll Encounter activity
2 Running from other creature
Roll for hunter, on higher Lvl chart if necessary
3 Returning to lair after fight
Random number of creatures @ D8x10% HP.
4 Just passing by
Less inclined to fight, on different errand.
5 Setting up camp or lair
Noisy, most likely guards posted
7 Fighting another creature
Roll on same table. Noisy, easily detected.
8 Defending territory
Looking for invaders, hostile or -4 Reaction
9-11 Hunting or exploring
Wary. Party might be dinner and/or marks.
12 Chasing other creature
Roll for prey, or use Giant Vermin (D6)
Roll 2D6, OR D6+6 for mindless Undead
UNDEAD: Also roll D30 on “What’s up with these Undead?”

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