The Library

A collection of all the files and documents published on the blog.

Windfare Dale

The Anmunak The Anmunak of Windfare Dale (PDF)
Kali The Trinity (PDF)
Quathroc_symbol The Quathroc (Gods of the Wildmen) (PDF)
fighters The Condumbra (Fighter’s Guild) (PDF)
url The Mage’s Guild (PDF)
Thief The Thieves’ Guild (PDF)
Foulest Foulest Waters Adventure (PDF)
Foulest Liber Heresiac spellbook (PDF)
Foulest The Secrets of the Cerebrix (PDF)
Foulest Lindrain Adventure (PDF)


tools  New Skills for LotFP (PDF)
Classes  Class Revision for LotFP (PDF)
miscast  Weird Magic (PDF)
gem_ruby  Spell Gems (PDF)
Encounter_Sequence  Encounter Sequence (PDF)
Encounter_Sequence  Downtime and Cost of Living (PDF)
Encounters_and_Reactions  Encounters & Reactions (PDF)
Deep Delving Diseases  Deep Delving Diseases (PDF)
Potions  Deep Delving Potions (PDF)

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