The Void Slime

This slime is a strange mindless being, deadly to organic life and organic matter, summoned forth from the black void of Uathagl’Chak.

It is attracted to movement or life, and will slowly slither towards it at a rate of 5’ per round. In any round when a living being is within 10’ of the slime, there is a 50 % chance that it will emit an elongated feeler pseudopod as a standard attack, aimed with a form of alien sense that suffers no penalties for lack of visibility. On a hit, the target is coated in a thick, viscous black fluid that is highly corrosive. This substance is extremely dangerous, and will inflict a total of 2d4 damage, but at a rate of one point per round per hit. During this time, washing the struck area off thoroughly with water (the entire contents of a water skin, or access to water from a river, lake or well for example) will stop the damage from occurring that round and any further. A character suffering a total amount (during one battle) of damage from a Void Slime equal to half his total hit points or above will be scarred and debilitated, losing 1 point of constitution and 1d3 points of charisma permanently.

The creature is only susceptible to damage from other acidic substances and fire. A hit from a torch will cause 1d3 damage. Flaming oil and other fire based attacks will cause damage as normal. It is utterly mindless, and is thus immune to any mind-affecting spells, and also does not have a nervous system or normal body, which makes it immune to almost any other source of damage. If a weapon made in any part from organic material is used to strike at it (including a torch), the wielder must save versus Paralyze or the weapon will be ruined.

The only basic instinct a Void Slime has is a slight tendency towards spatial territoriality. If left alone for a turn, it will slowly slither back to where it lairs.

Void Slime; HD2; AC12; Morale 12; pseudopod (+2/2d4 spec); special immunities, mindless, 50 % attack chance, only damaged by fire and acid; speed 5’ per round

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