Gods from the Void

In an earlier post, I wrote about the Anmunak, wildmen of Windfare Dale. I touched on their cursed religion, but didn’t go inte detail – but here’s some more on the Quathroc.

This evil foursome are interstellar beings of a somewhat Lovecraftian inspiration which have usurped the places of countless gods on countless planets; I haven’t detailed exactly why and how they do this, but I’d rather leave that murky. In this case, they usurped the places of the Anmunak animal gods and in doing so doomed their society to collapse in a wave of depravity.

There is a slight inspiration from the chaos gods of Warhammer fame here, but I also wanted these beings to feel both alien and somehow strangely tangible; these are real things, albeit distant and utterly incomprehensible. Woe to the one who actually draws their attention. The Anmunak did, and the destruction and corruption they faced tore them apart and turned them into a degenerate race of bogeymen.

The symbol below represents the Quathroc; it is an old Anmunak symbol which used to display the runes of their animal gods, but here more sinister runes have taken their place.

You can find the details on the Quathroc in this document or in the Library.



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